How To Look and Feel Sexy Instantly!

Ladies, if you are feeling fat and frumpy, and want to create a sexy transformation in your life, then read on! And if you are comfortable with living life as a wall flower, with no one paying attention to you, and also happy looking and feeling somewhat miserable, then STOP READING! Here are some ideas taken from my sexy-size your life program called Enjoy!

Sexy Beauty Tips For Women: How To Achieve That Sexy Look

Here are a few proven tips to help you look sexy and attractive in no time. Sometimes you don't have to spend a fortune on beauty products/services in order to look sexy. All you need is some positive attitude, self confidence and a few tips like the ones in this article.

Sexy Beauty tip 1: Make Your Mouth Irresistible!

Always take good care of your teeth. Keep them extra white and shiny (aka sexy). Visit the dentist every now and then to ensure your teeth are healthy.

Sexy Beauty tip 2: Jewelry, and Of Course Earrings!

I strongly recommend using your favorite jewelry when trying to look sexy. I will stress the use of earrings especially at dark hours. A pair of metallic classy earrings can make the difference and give you the hottest look.

Sexy Beauty tip 3: Sultry Lips! The Red Lipstick

Red color is bound to attract attention. Nothing does the job better than a red lipstick. Younger women should also use some lip gloss to sweeten their lips and have that shiny attractive look. Older women should avoid lip-gloss and choose a red lipstick that matches their skin type. For example, a blonde lady should use a pure red lipstick while a dark-skinned lady should go for a dark-red one.

Sexy Beauty tip 4: Stop Those Nagging Bad Habits

No matter what you think, quitting bad habits like alcohol or smoke will have a tremendous impact on the way you feel and look.

Sexy Beauty tip 5: Look Mysterious! Wear a Big Floppy Sophisticated hat and Sunglasses!

Some people look extremely sexy when they look mysterious. A pair of sunglasses of your choice will give you a mysterious and cute look and it will protect you from UVA and UVB radiation. How about adding a hat to the set? A hat will strengthen your sex appeal and will draw attention too.

Sexy Beauty tip 6: Flirty Fabrics

Try wearing clothes made out of elegant fabrics like silk or cashmere. These fabrics feel good and will boost you self-confidence. Plus, you can visualize you are taking the place of your favorite celebrity.

But enough with the beauty tips...

Keep in mind that outer beauty is not all you need. No matter how many tips you know, how many beauty products you've bought, how many experts/stylists you've taken advice from etc...

Do you have the right kind of mindset to look sexy? Do you feel good about yourself?

What is inside is reflected on the outside. You always have to take good care of your inside and feel good about it in order to achieve an astonishing and sexy look. Then you can apply all the beauty tips you want.

Make sure you think of yourself and regard yourself as sexy, sensual and desirable, and everyone will want to be around you!

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Smile and be well!

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